Saver GmbH

Saver GmbH, Kreuzau

Sales and Distribution Organisation -
Specialists for Laminates and Fibre Composite Materials

Our young company has been founded in 2004. We are the sales organization of the Saver group which has got 3 production sites on the outskirts of Milan. Our team in Kreuzau has been working successfully in marketing and distribution of fibre-reinforced composite materials in form of tubes, sheets and moulded parts for over 20 years and their national and international contacts complement ideally with the worldwide activities of the Saver-group. On the basis of excellent products we offer special custom-tailored solutions in all business areas. This concerns as well the development of new qualities as also the adaptation of production technologies and the guidance regarding design of new or re-design of existing products. This kind of flexibility has made us an accepted partner of many well-known companies in the electro technology, automotive industry and engineering as well as in the railway industry. This corporate philosophy has met the full approval of Saver GmbH and we will also in the future keep on looking for optimised solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

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